• Anything you get from God, you have to believe by faith.
    • We have to desire the truth, desire the anointing.
      • The anointing comes upon your life to handle and take care of things.
    • You have to be on one accord continuously.
    • To keep a fresh anointing, you have to continue daily on one accord praying.
    • When you have the power and anointing of God, boldness comes upon you.
    • Do not get drunk with wine, but get drunk with the Spirit.
      • Be filled with the Spirit
      • Wine only stops your problems for that moment/day
      • The Spirit will remove it completely



    ACTS 10:38; 2:1-4; 2:46-47; 3:1-2; 4:8, 23-24, 31; 19:1-6

    MARK 16:15-18

    PSALMS 92:10

    LUKE 4:14

    EPHESIANS 6:18; 5:18



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